Sonntag, 29. Mai 2011

Artist turns his Piss into Perfume

“I am very much into recycling,” Tree, born Charity Blansit, told AOL Weird News. “And urine is something I’ve thought needs to be recycled, since it’s something that gets eliminated.”
It’s a whiz of an idea and one that Tree was inspired to turn into a reality in 2006.
“It was the first morning after a full moon,” she said. “And I decided to collect my urine in a perfume bottle.”
At first, Tree’s concept was only to collect urine after each full moon.
“I was fascinated by how the smell changes depending on what you eat,” she said. “For instance, it smells really good after you eat a lot of honey and it smells terrible after eating chicken.”

Umm... You know… it’s… art.


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  1. The strangest part of that is that he initially decided to do it only after each full moon. WHY!?